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At SF State, students from all walks of life live their dreams of academic success. A crisis may be an unexpected life event or a circumstance that occurs in an unforeseen manner (out of the control of the student), that can derail hope and leave a student in a critical situation. The monies awarded shall be determined by the appropriate Dean-of-Students administrator and is based on the funding available at the time of the request. 

To help students manage these types of crises, SF State has established the SF State HOPE Crisis Fund (HOPE = Help, Opportunity & Pathway to Empowerment), a fund that assists students with financial help when they need it most to keep them on track to graduation. Students who receive assistance from the HOPE Crisis Fund realize that they’re not alone, that someone cares. 


  • Disbursed funds will be the key difference between a student remaining on track to graduation;

  • Student must show evidence of the need and be enrolled (full or part time) at the time of the loan application and in good student standing (academic and disciplinary);

  • If applying between semesters, student must have been enrolled during the previous term and be enrolled for the following term;

  • Recipients of this fund are not required to pay back the awarded monies, but are instead, encouraged to make a donation, of any dollar amount, to this fund when they are able, as a means to continue to offer this type of crisis support to future SF State students;

  • Funds can be used to cover educational expenses, including but not limited to tuition/fees/books/supplies, as well as unexpected medical expenses not covered by insurance or Student Health Services, travel expenses for family emergencies, food/rent, replacement of items lost to theft/fire damage, etc. These funds are considered taxable income.

  • SF State fosters a campus free of sexual violence including sexual harassment, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and/or any form of sex or gender discrimination. If you disclose a personal experience as an SF State student in your application, the application reader is required to notify the Title IX Coordinator by completing the report form available at http://titleix.sfsu.edu, emailing vpsaem@sfsu.edu or calling 338-2032. To disclose any such violence confidentially, contact: The SAFE Place - (415) 338-2208; http://www.sfsu.edu/~safe_plc/ or Counseling and Psychological Services Center - (415) 338-2208; http://psyservs.sfsu.edu/. For more information on your rights and available resources: http://titleix.sfsu.edu.

  • Additional consideration may will be given to upper division undergraduate students within one (1) semester of graduation.

  • If approved, the HOPE Crisis Fund recipient will be sent required paperwork to fill out. The expediency of having their check issued will depend on the ability of the recipient to return the required paperwork.

Note: Due to the extraordinary large number of applications during COVID-19, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for application review and processing time.

First and Last Name
SF State Email Address (This will be the primary source of communication for notification of status)
SF State Student ID Number:
Residency Status:
Have you ever received Hope Crisis Funds through SF State?:
What other resources have you considered (emergency loans, parents, friends, other university resources)? Briefly outline the status of those requests if applicable. Please be specific. Type "NA" if not.
Have you visited the Financial Aid department to talk with a representative about applying for Financial Aid or increasing your award? If not, please do so prior to submitting this application. Click "No" if this does not apply to you.
If you answer "Yes" to number 8, please specify who you met/spoke with in Financial Aid.
Please explain the crisis situation (unexpected and unforseen circumstance that was out of your control) that necessitates this funding request. Please attach supporting documentation to accompany this application if you have any.
What is the amount of your request? Please provide a specific dollar amount, this should be a numbers-only entry, no words please.

Please note, if no dollar amount is included, this will invalidate your application.

Please provide specific and detailed information for how you will use the funds for a crisis need (please see definition of Crisis Need below). Be as specific as possible and break down the total dollar amount you requested to demonstrate how the funds will be used.


Crisis Need: COVID19 circumstances that have significantly and immediately threatened the ability for a student to continue education at SF State for Spring 2020, and/or the COVID19 circumstances have significantly threatened the ability for a student to have their individual basic needs met.


If you requested $500 above: $400 for food; $100 for medication


Are you graduating this semester?
Phone Number we can reach you at if we have additional questions:
Mailing Address - if your application is approved, this is the address you want us to send the check to:

First Name, Last Name
Street number, name, and apartment/unit (if applicable)
City, State and Zip
Additional Supporting Documents

If you have additional documents to support your need for funding please include here.
Administrative notes section: